A Long Way Through Self Discovery

I have been going to Heaven Sent Counseling for various addictive behaviors…alcohol and relationships.
I have been blessed to have been connected to Nannette, who specializes in these areas. She has brought me a long way through self-discovery and recovery from my addictive behaviors. My husband and I are seeing her and have made some progress. Still have a ways to go, but both of us feel we are getting the best support and guidance to help us grow individually and hopefully back together. I highly recommend Heaven Sent Counseling to anyone needing this type of help. I have already referred a few friends who have had a very positive experience.
Julie M

My marriage needed help.

I was hesitant to go to therapy after going in and out for years, but I needed help, and my marriage needed help. I found Nanette through an internet search, which sounded like a good match.  Nanette was welcoming, flexible, and extremely kind. She always knows what to say and how to guide me. She has helped me learn about myself and my husband and how to communicate better in our marriage. It’s a work in progress and takes a lot of work, but her direction and assistance have brought us so far. I can’t imagine where I would be without her and the tools she has provided me.
Jennifer B

My Son Felt Comfortable

“I originally sought out Nannette’s help for troubles my teenage son was experiencing. My son was very reluctant to see a counselor and was not at all open to the idea. What happened next just amazed me, not only did my son feel comfortable opening up to Nannette, he actually looked forward to his subsequent sessions. The turnaround in my sons life is just amazing, for which I am extremely grateful.
After seeing such amazing results that my son had, I too started to see Nannette regularly to help me deal with issues in my life. I cannot stress enough what a profound difference she has made in my life. Nannette has provided me with tools which enable me to tackle problems which used to be impossible for me. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Nannette to anyone seeking a top notch professional counselor.

Chris J