Children’s Therapy

Childrens TherapyChildren probably have the most difficult time dealing with transitions especially when parents do not know how to talk to them or help them through these transitions. The transitions that children tend to struggle the most with is divorce of parents, moving, a parent returning to work, moving into school, transitioning into a new school, losing a friend who has left the school, or losing family or friends to death. These can be difficult for most adults, but more difficult for children because they don’t always have the words to express what they are feeling. So, at times you will see children acting out their emotions at school or home, regress in skills they used to do well, or feeling really sad and not want to be involved in things they used to love.

This counselor has training in art therapy, play therapy, and talk therapy depending on what is comfortable for the children is what this counselor will use to help them learn new skills to express their emotions. We also may do some family counseling or work with parents to help them learn to lead their children through these difficult times. If there is a divorce this counselor may even work with both sides of the divorce to help the parents get on the same page with parenting and how to work together to exchange the children with as little disruption as possible as long as the law allows.


Teenagers like children have some special needs when working with them. The teenagers developmental stage is to learn how to make healthy choices, which requires parents to help them navigate making these healthy choices, without being controlling. How this counselor choices to work with teenages and their families is to meet with the teen to figure what they are struggling with, help them learn to communicate the issues with respect, and then work with the parents to help them teach their teen that making decisions always come with consequences when they make wrong choices. This counselor uses Choice Theory to help teens and their parents work together and teach Choices and Consequences in a non-controlling healthy manner.

Teenagers also need to fill supported by their parents in their career choices and their transition from living at home to living on their own. My goals is to help them make this transition smoothly. The other issues that tend to come up with teens in drug and alcohol use. This counselor when working with teens that have drug and alcohol issues this counselor helps teach the parents about boundaries and consequences and if the teenager continues to use this counselor will refer them for treatment at a drug and alcohol agency for teenagers. Besides just working with alcohol/drug issues and transitions with teenagers this counselor also works with teens that struggle with depression and anxiety and eating disorders and my goals is to help teenagers learn how to express their emotions in a healthy respectful way, ask for what they need, and respect other peoples rules and boundaries, as well as set their own.

My Son Felt Comfortable

“I originally sought out Nannette’s help for troubles my teenage son was experiencing. My son was very reluctant to see a counselor and was not at all open to the idea. What happened next just amazed me, not only did my son feel comfortable opening up to Nannette, he actually looked forward to his subsequent sessions. The turnaround in my sons life is just amazing, for which I am extremely grateful.
After seeing such amazing results that my son had, I too started to see Nannette regularly to help me deal with issues in my life. I cannot stress enough what a profound difference she has made in my life. Nannette has provided me with tools which enable me to tackle problems which used to be impossible for me. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Nannette to anyone seeking a top notch professional counselor.
Chris J