Family Therapy

Family-CounselingWe all grow up in families and learn how act in families based on who and what is happening in that system. This can affect how we interact with others all our lives. When people grow up with trauma, addiction, verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, or other dysfunctions in systems they can take on roles to help them get their needs met, which are dysfunctional. These roles have positive things, which are their strengths, but they also have weaknesses that can create problems in other systems and relationships they end up in, like marriages, friendships, and work relationships.

I work with families to create healthy family systems and resolve issues that created dysfunction in the family system, as well as learn to communicate and make sure each part of the family system gets their needs met. I also work with individuals to help them look at how their family system they grew up in is affecting their current relationships and systems they are currently functioning in so they can have healthier relationships in those systems. I also work with them to resolve any mental health issues living in these systems has created for them like depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and addiction issues.