Depression Therapy for a brighter outlook on life

Depression-ThearpyDepression is a normal thing we all go through from time to time because of losses, injustices, and abusive we have experienced from a broken world. When someone is clinically depressed it can affect many different areas of a person’s life, including work, relationships, not wanting to be involved in activities they used to enjoy, feeling great sadness or anger. We will do an assessment to find the cause of this depression and then will create a treatment plan specifically to address the depression, which could involve grief work, cognitive behavioral therapy, Bowenian family therapy, couples therapy, emotional regulation skills, and forgiveness work. We will assess for suicidal or homicidal idealization and address this in the best clinical manner to keep the client and other’s safe. We will also look at whether medication is necessary for stabilization of the depression or whether the client can manage it while doing therapy. If we or the client believes they are unable to manage their depression we will refer them to their primary care doctor or to a psychiatrist for medication management.